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Our Story

The Crystal Healing Room was created from a tiny seed of an idea that sprouted its leaves in May 2022 and decided to grow downstairs in the spare room of our home. With the encouragement of my wonderful husband Glen and to the delight of our young girls Kahlan and Avah the roots took hold and my family of crystals immediately embraced the powerful energy of the ground floor location. The soft sunset rays of the late afternoon sun also offer an instant bonus of a daily crystal cleanse! 

As a crystal energy guide, spiritual teacher and yoga therapy enthusiast my vision for The Crystal Healing Room is to provide a safe and supportive sanctuary, for all who feel drawn to experience the vibrational medicine of the crystals, and to offer this with the optimal combination of energy and environmental conditions required for healing and remembering to occur.

I felt deeply called to create The Crystal Healing Room, not only to share my love of crystals and healing, but also in the hope that the story of my own healing experiences will inspire you to incorporate crystals into your own life.

My belief is that it is the crystals that choose us, not the other way around, and every crystal that shimmies its way into our lives is always for a purpose. 

I extend a very warm invitation for you to join me as our crystal community evolves🤍

With love,

Tehla Jane xx



My personal healing journey

Since as far back as I can remember I have always been drawn to crystals (and fairies, but that's a story for another time!). As a teenager I set up a crystal and fairy altar in my bedroom, on a little round table, with amethyst clusters and rose quartz, and I would sit my friends down next to this table and do readings from my tarot deck. I left home when I was 17 to move away for university, and I forgot about my fairies and crystals for nearly 20 years.

I didn't realise this at the time, but in the process of forgetting, my true nature started to slip away and my soul led purpose of serving, healing and writing was replaced with years of study and prioritisation of career goals. 

In early 2015 I hit a rock bottom that I wasn't sure I was going to come out of, and with two young girls under the age of three I was still trying to hold up a career that I had given my life to for 15 years. My health suffered immensely and I found myself crippled by stress, insomnia and anxiety. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease, TMJ (jaw dysfunction), pelvic congestion syndrome and PMDD and I truly needed to listen in to the longings of my heart and soul in order to save myself.

In essense, what I needed was a deep level of healing and nurturing to occur in my life.

My spiritual life slowly drew me back in, and I started to remember my teenage dreams of crystals, angels, fairies and my deep connection with the natural world. The one spiritual thread I had not let go of was my weekly yoga practice, and it called to me in such a profound way that I could not ignore it. I signed up for teacher training with the support of my wonderful yoga teacher and began teaching the Yoga Synergy method from 2016.

​It was this path back to spirituality that marked the beginnings of my own personal healing journey, and at the same time the crystals started to call me back in. I learned to breathe naturally again via diaphragmatic breathing techniques and I started to incorporate crystals into my meditations and breathwork practice.

I now use these same techniques when guiding clients to breathe with the crystals during a healing.


With the support of crystal healing and spiritual practice my entire system started to shift into a slower more nurturing rhythm which was a great support to my health conditions. My TSH levels made it into the 'normal' range for the first time since being diagnosed with Hashimotos. My TMJ required less and less physio and I moved off a soft food diet.  I was still requiring medication but I was able to reduce the level and it became part of an integrated package of tools to support my health and wellbeing.

Another powerful example of the way crystals have helped me heal occurred after the loss of our beloved dog Dexter in 2019. It was one of the toughest days of my life - the intense grief surprised me and as I held him in my arms until he drew his final breath, I cried and cried and said one phrase over and over: 'Thank You'. His loss was felt for years after he departed and sometimes I can still visualise his little legs under the garage door of our old home waiting for us to arrive home. From a little puppy, Dexter would follow me around like a shadow, and boy I missed that shadow so much! So when a beautiful citrine point called out to me in a crystal adorned bookstore, with the exact same colouring as Dex, I knew it was his way of helping me to heal. I would fall asleep holding that crystal, and to this day it sits propped up next to the urn with his ashes, offering comfort and a reminder that he is always with us.

It is these connections, personal healing, learning and love for crystals over many years that led me to undertake crystal healing training through Rachelle Charman's Crystal Awakening Program, and Kyle Gray's Crystal Energy Guide training. Supported by my background as a qualified yoga teacher, I am a Kyle Gray Certified Crystal Energy Guide and Certified Angel Guide, as well as an approved practitioner of Rachelle Charman's Levels 1 and 2 Crystal Awakening Training.


But no matter how many courses and trainings I do in the field, my biggest teachers have been the crystals themselves.

I might be the soul behind The Crystal Healing Room, but I have been fortunate to have so much support and encouragement (seen and unseen!) not only from family and friends but from the crystals themselves, as well as guidance and confirmation from the surrounding wildlife including my kookaburra guides and yellow-tailed black cockatoo visitors.

Tehla Jane Bower
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